"I was sitting in the cup of a huge catapult, bent backward, ready for launch. The thin rope holding the base was smoldering, slowly being burnt by a candle. I tried to escape, but my hands and feet were tightly bound. No outcry, much trepidation. Then, the perspiration from my brow fell upon the candle like rain from a cloud. The flame expired.

"At least now I had time to see where I was going."

Some of
America Online
IBM Multimedia Studio
Palladium Interactive
Trimark Interactive
Turner Interactive

Steve Jackson Games -- makers of GURPS (The generic universal role-playing system).
Hero Games -- makers of Champions, Fantasy Hero, et. al.

and News
Computer Gaming World -- has links tro other game-related sites.
Happy Puppy -- computer game news and shareware archive.
c|net online front door
MacWorld -- the latest Macintosh news. Other Apple-related news sites are TidBITS and the MacInTouch Home Page.
GamePen -- an "online community for gamers".
ToyNET -- All about toys, including computer games.

Ted Gruber Software -- makers of Fastgraph used in I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Computer Game Developers' Association -- for the professional game developer.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) -- this is the parent organization of SIGGRAPH.
MetroWerks -- the preferred development environment for Mac game developers.
The Argonaut Home Page -- makers of BRender, the 3-D engine used in Pandemonium Golf.
Criterion Software Limited also makes a 3-D engine.

The Games Domain.
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List -- The Best in Windows Internet Software.
Dylan Greene's Windows 95 Home Page! -- Pointers to everything related to Windows-95.
Windows95.com - One of the best archive's we've found of Windows-95 software.
Cult of Macintosh - Links to everything Mac.
INFO-MAC HyperArchive -- Just about every piece of shareware ever made for Mac is here.
The Well Connected Mac
Kagi.com -- Paying your shareware license fees can be a pain. Kagi makes it easy! This is a one-stop-shopping site for all kinds of shareware, with easy payment options. Plus, they are nice folks.

The Amiga Web Directory
Apple Computers -- home of the Macintosh
Be, Inc. -- makers of the BeBox. This is one cool platform!

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