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Cast of Characters

The Current Story

Annabelle the Poodle suggests that the three consorts of Prince, the Dog tribe leader, go on a little day trip. This may not have been an ideal plan.
Dolores the Afghan Hound is the second of Prince's consorts. Her greatest skill appears to be snarking.
Cecelia the Pomeranian is the last of Prince's consorts. At times "Sissy" seems like a child, although she's only slightly younger than Dolores.
Cecelia calls him her Shining Knight, an ethereal Hound that has proclaimed that Cecelia could be a chieftess. You should mind your manners around him.
Balu the Bear is minding his father's honey and milk farm. He gives Celcelia a chance to try her hand at herding. Is that a waste of time?
Russtip the Hare is a humble farmer and spice merchant. Will his trust in Sissy lead to (not necessarily his) grief?
Kylas Honeyfoot is a Mouse who wants to make sure everyone has exactly what he thinks they need — at a modest price, of course.

Little Wolf Lost

Rif of the Fox Tribe is a young adult who has made a name for himself as an accomplished puzzle solver. When falsely accused of stealing an ancient human relic called the Orb of Storms, Rif was able to hunt down the actual thief with the help of his guards, now friends, Eeah the Elk and Okk the Boar.
Rhene of the Fox Tribe is Rif's companion. She was held hostage by the Boar King while Rif was trying to prove his innocence in the theft of the Orb of Storms. Rhene hopes that Rif will settle down after his big adventure, but that remains to be seen. Rhene's name rhymes with "scene."
Not much is known about Sandy the wolf-child, who was discovered barely conscious on a beach near the Ferret village. He was found carrying an odd box containing an artifact of human origin, which Rif has become slightly obsessed about.
Mama Bear, as she calls herself, is a denizen of rugged foothills between the western coast and the mountains that surround the Wild Lands. She was quite ferocious in her encounter with Rif and Sandy, but can any Morph with a tea set be all bad?
Willis may have once been a humble fishing dog, but his stout heart and sense of duty have won him the dubious honor of becoming the new captain of the Black Raccoon. The question is, with the ship adrift in bad feelings, can he steer a course into the good graces of the Morph community?
Elrik the White Fox is the first mate of the pirate ship, The Black Raccoon. He has taken an interest in Rhene, which is probably not to her benefit.
The captain of The Black Raccoon is Jarkim, an Otter with a rough exterior (and a rough interior to go with it).
Kyrrah is a healer, unusual for a member of a Wolf tribe. The she-wolf is missing a cub, but is that cub Sandy?
Rufi is an Otter on a mission: to follow and annoy the protagonists. He want Sandy's sextant, but Sandy does not seem interested in that result.
Annabelle the Poodle is one of the consorts of Prince, leader of the local Dog Tribe. She was born in the Wild Lands and maintains a friendly relationship with Elara, who also hails from the Wild Lands.
Prince the Collie is the ruler of the local Dog Tribe. Prince's title isn't "Prince," that's just his name. He is easily bored and loves to amuse himself by ordering visitors to entertain him. (His Majesty's definition of entertainment leaves something to be desired.)
Elara is the Matron of the Orb. She oversees the Sanctuary of the Orb and its contingent of servants from the Hare Tribe. What she doesn’t oversee right now is the Orb (of Storms) itself, which is currently lost. She has an older sister, Alamma, who lives in the Wild Lands.
Sakka of the Ferret Tribe is the Leader of the "Ancient and Honorable Order of Tinkerers, Fabricators and Builders," better known as the Builders Guild. Since the Builders Guild is almost entirely composed of Ferrets, this also makes her the de facto chief of the Ferret Tribe. (Rif is an honorary member.) The Builders Guild is the keeper of the Orb of Hands, a human artifact that provides technical information to the Ferrets.
Tycho Northpaw is both an astronomer and cartographer. Using his telescope (a.k.a. light-catcher) he keeps a record of activities in the Wild Lands to the north. Tycho is an exile from the Dog tribe, and he is glad of that!
Scorry the Rat is the acknowledged puzzle champion of the Morphs, having defeated Rif in the final match at the last yearly puzzle contest. Scorry's success as a puzzle solver is partial based on his speciality of researching human games and contests. (The Rats are the primary keepers of ancient knowledge in Morph society.)



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