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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

What have you got to lose? Your mind? Your Life?

He booted up. On the screen, he saw himself sitting at his computer, booting up. On that screen, the same. And then the next image appeared. Then, the next. And the next. Each time, he saw the same image - stretching on in endless repetition.

Then, at the end of this cascade, he saw himself sucked into the screen. The image disappeared. Then, the next image disappeared. Then the next. And the next. One by one, he watched himself vanish.

He tried to reach for the reset when the force drew him in.

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An eerie game of terror and triumph based on master storyteller Harlan Ellison's novella. Set in the desperate future, the player controls one of five characters who battle against an evil computer that has tapped into each of the character's worst fears. Hours upon hours of chilling game-play await the player in this unusual and unique game.

Winner - Best Adventure Game of 1996
Computer Gaming World

Published by Cyberdreams through MGM/UA
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