Supreme Court Outlaws Anthropomorphic Characters
April 1, 2005

In a barely noticed ruling today, the Supreme Court in a 7-3 vote decided that anthropomorphic characters are just too cute and will no longer be allowed in US-based publications. Reaction worldwide was mostly composed of loud snores. As a result of this decision all copies of animated shorts staring Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse will be set ablaze in a bonfire in Biloxi, Mississippi.

This strip will be unaffected as we are moving our servers to the Cayman Islands. Thanks for your support.

-- (signed) Chota & Wile E. Coyote, S.G.

This race of Morphs never made it into Inherit the Earth (see below). The designers decided that there wasn't enough range of facial expressions, and the artists complained it was too hard to animate.

Artist: Drew Bahdlee (April 1, 1993)

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