If you keep this up, you'll go blind.

I'd never thought of her in that way before. We'd talked a few times at the office. Just friendly stuff. I'd thought she was nice and all, but I was never really attracted to her...

...before the dream.

She was sitting in this huge glass bowl immersed in butterscotch pudding. Her shoulders were naked, so I can only assume the rest of her was the same. She was holding a silver spoon, which she would dip into the golden confection and slip between her parted lips, only to slowly withdraw it with a moan of satisfaction. She dipped the spoon once again, this time turning the fluffy sweet toward me.

"Wanna lick?" she said.

I was about to answer when Marty burst through the door. "Dude!" he said. "We've got pizza in the wave and The Simpsons on big screen."

"Omigod!" I thought. "Now what??"


Snake-o y Snake-o


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