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When Rif talks to another characters in Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, a portrait of the other character appears on the right side of the "conversation panel." Here is an image with all the characters from the game that have portraits. Note that Rif, Okk and Eeah face right in their portraits — these portraits appear on the left-side of the conversation panel.

Some characters have multiple portraits (reflecting different moods), but only one for each is shown here.

The characters, from left-to-right, are: (top row) Alamma, Ferret in guildhall, Bear merchant, Boar king, Ferret villager, Boar captain, Wildcat warrior, Chota, Dog guard, Eeah, (second row) Elk captain, Elara, Forrest King, fortune-teller, Ferret merchant, Wrah, glassmaker, Puzzle Master, Ferret shopkeeper, jailer, (third row) Kylas Honeyfoot, moneychanger, Okk, Orb of Hands, Otter faire-goer, ferryman, Hedgehog faire-goer, Prince, Prrowa, Ram faire-goer, (bottom row) Rat receptionist, Rhene, Rif, Sakka, Scorry, Shiala, Sist, Hare servant, Tycho Northpaw, Gar

Artist: Various or Unknown



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