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Latest Sketches
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Prince and his Harem
April Lee
Sist in His Office
April Lee
Boar Guards
April Lee
Forest (Elk) King
April Lee
April Lee


Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb (2 strips)

Sketches by Artist
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Falkurneeze (2 sketchs)

Alicia Austin (2 sketchs)

Eric Blumrich (26 sketchs)

Jack Cavanaugh (2 sketchs)

Robert Clark (1 sketch)

Heidi Guedel (7 sketchs)

Christina Hanson (6 sketchs)

Carolly Hauksdottir (1 sketch)

Allison Hershey (8 sketchs)

Ed Kline (4 sketchs)

Ed Lacabanne (50 sketchs)

April Lee (23 sketchs)

Monika Livingstone (5 sketchs)

Glenn Price (4 sketchs)

Lisa Sample (8 sketchs)

Terrie Smith (6 sketchs)

Various or Unknown (2 sketchs)

Sketches by Subject
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Boars (10 sketchs)

Cats (10 sketchs)

Cave Art (4 sketchs)

Cover Art (8 sketchs)

Dogs (15 sketchs)

Elks (12 sketchs)

Ferrets (6 sketchs)

Foxes (13 sketchs)

Mixed Morph (6 sketchs)

Objects (8 sketchs)

Other Morph (19 sketchs)

Places (10 sketchs)

Rats (13 sketchs)

Storyboards (19 sketchs)

Wolves (6 sketchs)

Fan Art
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Tallek Remembering Rif the Fox Baron RIFLANCER Rif Fursuit Yisha
Manga Rif Red Mountain Pass



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