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While looking through my storage unit, I discovered an old poster created by New World Computing to promote Inherit the Earth at E3 in 1994 (I think). A scan of the poster can be found below. The text is hard to read, so I have transcribed it. (Yellow text on a light-colored background? Design check please.) The most amusing bit is "Huge 3-D Maps" — things have changed in 16 years...

Inherit the Earth Quest for the Orb

Come to a place of unbridled wonder and unspoiled beauty: Earth! To the Morph, Humans live only in legends, but their legacy remains. Accompany Rif, a heroic fox who must journey far from home to uncover the mystery of an ancient, yet powerful human artifact. With thrilling graphics, sounds, story, and an easy-to-use interface, Inherit the Earth will provide hours of challenge and enjoyment for the whole family.

Inherit the Earth: A New Breed of Adventure

Artist: Alicia Austin



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